Erin L. T. Ranney, PLLC, is a law firm located in the heart of Chesterfield County, Virginia, which provides services throughout Virginia. They now offer their clients services in criminal defense, traffic defense, estate planning, estate probate, divorce, child custody, child visitation, and other family law matters. Each of our lawyers has a focus area while providing support services to each other. Let our law firm family help your family today!

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Estate Planning

Concerned about what would happen if you passed away suddenly?  Want to know more about what legal documents you can put into place and what those documents do?  Check out the section of our site about Estate Planning or call today to set up a free consultation!

Serious Driving Offenses

In Virginia, there are a number of driving offenses that constitute Class 1 criminal misdemeanors.  This includes reckless driving, driving under the influence, and driving on a suspended/revoked license.  What many people don’t realize is that by “pre-paying” or simply entering a plea of “guilty” or “no contest” to one of these, they may be creating a criminal record for themselves.

I received a reckless driving summons (allegedly) going 92/70. I’m from out of state but in the state of Virginia, reckless driving is a class one criminal misdemeanor so I took the charge very seriously and immediately contacted several lawyers in the area. Ms. Ranney charged an extremely reasonable price. She was very upfront about how the case COULD shift if I followed her instructions. I completed as many things as I could before the court date and the judge agreed to lower my charge to “improper driving” if I complete a few additional tasks within 3 months.

As the date approached for the second hearing, I made sure my documents were sent in well ahead of time and tracked them to ensure they arrived and were signed for. A couple days before the court date, I called the court to check on my documents and the court had misplaced them! Thankfully, Ms. Ranney checked in on me the same day. I told her the issue, and she made sure to straighten out the problem just in time! (My documents were sorted into the wrong file!! YIKES!!) I’m so glad I knew to hire a lawyer and I am grateful for all of Ms. Ranney’s help! Money well spent!

Leeshy B.

Juvenile Criminal Matters

Erin was an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for several years and while in that role she served as the jurisdiction’s juvenile prosecutor.  She handled many different types of juvenile cases from investigation to resolution.

Family Law

Erin Barclay is our family law attorney. She handles custody, visitation, support, and divorce matters for our firm, and is happy to set up a consultation to discuss your very important matters.

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