Juvenile Criminal Matters

A special note about children, teenagers, and criminal charges in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court:

Few things are more terrifying and heartbreaking than receiving either “that” call or that piece of paper served by a Sheriff’s Deputy or through the mail – the one that says your child has been charged with a crime or a status offense.  Juvenile matters are NOT like adult matters.  For one thing, many parents force a confession out of their child or turn over critical evidence before an attorney is even consulted and land their child in more jeopardy without meaning to.  For another, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court simply does not operate the same way as adult courts.  The issue isn’t simply about guilt or innocence, it is about the child and his or her family as a unit in many cases.  There are a multitude of possible outcomes and dispositions.  There is far greater involvement and use of probation.  There are detours along the road and sometimes many trips to the courthouse. In short, having someone who understands all these possible outcomes and detours by your side becomes even more important.

Erin was an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for several years and while in that role she served as the jurisdiction’s juvenile prosecutor.  She handled many different types of cases from investigation to resolution. 

“During my time in that capacity I discovered that I liked working with young adults, and enjoyed the rapport I developed with them.  In short, I enjoy juvenile court, and the positive outcomes that can be achieved there.”

– Erin

Not every attorney appreciates the nuances of such practice, and if you have a child facing criminal charges or even just an investigation for such charges in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, please call Erin today and she will be happy to provide free consultation on the matter.