Estate Planning

A special note about Estate Planning:

Frequently Asked Questions about Wills:

Question:  Why do I need a will?

Answer: What happens if you don’t have a will?  The state decides what happens to your property and belongings!  The purpose of a will is so that your wishes can be carried out.  If one does not exist, then your wishes cannot be carried out.

Question:  Why can’t I just tell my family what I want to happen and let them carry it out?

Answer: Do you remember every single thing that your loved one has ever said?  Have you ever had a conversation specific to what you should do if they require life support? If they should become unable to manage their own affairs?  Most likely the answer is no. because those topics are awkward to talk about.  That is where a clearly and legally drafted will, advanced medical directive, and power of attorney can assist.

Spent a few weeks shopping around for legal services in regards to estate planning. Despite being relatively young, I figured it was good security to have in case something happened to me. Most firm I contacted gave me a quote for a “basic” will no less than $700, with a handful being over $1000.

The price with this firm was much more reasonable and was by no means a corporate law firm just churning out copy and pasted documents. Paul met with me one on one and asked clarifying questions to help get to the information needed for the document. I don’t think most people go in knowing exactly what and who they want to have in their will/medical/power of attorney. Paul was great in explaining it and giving likely scenarios to help make the process smooth, even after I am gone.

Bryan T.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power of Attorney:

Question:  Does a Power of Attorney take away my rights to handle my own affairs?

Answer:  It does not automatically mean that you cannot handle your own affairs.  However, a power of attorney can make it easier for a trusted person to make sure your bills are paid during a time when you may not be able to.  There are many things that a power of attorney can accomplish and many ways that the timing can be handled.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Medical Directives:

Question:  If I did a Medical Directive at the hospital when I had surgery, I am covered right?

Answer: Not necessarily.  That Medical Directive may not be in your best interest, and it might have only covered that event.  Further, Virginia law allows for Medical Directives to provide more powers than just deciding about life-extending medical procedures.